Thursday, September 4, 2014

Update on Frozen Cycle

Well we received a positive on our pregnancy test but my levels dropped within the first week. I just had my last blood test this morning and my levels are back to normal. My Husband and I had a consult with my Doctor to discuss what could have went wrong and he was about as confused as we were. We had a perfect embryo, my estrogen level was great, lining was great so we don't know what went wrong. He is meeting with a group of Dr.'s out of Oklahoma next week to discuss our case to maybe get some extra feedback and possibly get us some answers. He did mention that I have more bad quality eggs than good but we covered our grounds completing the PGD. After he has a consult on our case he will meet with us again to discuss our next step. He did mention that we would probably not do PGD on the next round so we could end up with more embryos. Our last round we had 15 eggs and 3 made it to testing with a total of 2 being transferred (1 transferred on fresh cycle and 1 transferred on frozen cycle).
This just puts everything into perspective that it is in God's hands and His timing not ours. As heartbroken as we are we have to continue to push through and trust his plan.