Friday, July 11, 2014


It's been a while since I shared an update so I thought I would let everyone know whats been going on with us in the past few weeks. We had our Dr's appointment to discuss what could have went wrong and my Dr was scratching his head. He felt confident that this was going to be a successful cycle since my lining looked good and we had such an excellent quality embryo.
This failed attempt did help me have a better understanding that if this is not in God's timing that nothing my Doctor could do could interfere with what God has planned.

I had 2 amazing things going for me (perfect embryo and lining) and all the confidence in the world that this was going to happen. But I do feel that as I got caught up in the IVF process that I focused more on the Dr's to fix my situation rather than God. I have to have faith that whatever happens that He will give us our hearts desire. He has placed this desire to have a child in our heart and I truly believe that He would not have done this if I could never have a baby. I have to have faith.

My Pastor shared this and I wanted to share with you:

'Faith doesn't exempt you  from life's storms it just equips and prepares you to go through them!'
"Today build a confidence in The God who will never let you down. You will still have to face some struggles but now they are allowed by God to strengthen your life and not destroy you. Faith equips your life to live out the journey! There are many twists and turns along the way but maintain the course and it will take you to your intended destination".

Our next step will be to have an Endometrial Scratching completed and then to transfer our last remaining embryo, which is also in excellent condition.